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A Message from Reverend Narain
Thank you for visiting our new web site! Trinity Episcopal has been an important institution on Chicago's Near South Side for 170 years. We will strive to keep this site updated with our weekly teachings and upcoming events and announcements, so please come back often!
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Our Mission and Vision

A vibrant, loving, accepting and forgiving multicultural Christian community of faith that ‘learns, fellowships, breaks bread together, prays, gives to the poor, attends church, visits and eats in each other’s homes.’

   Acts 2:42-47, The Baptismal Covenant,
   Book of Common Prayer, page 304

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NATO Protesters Camping at Trinity Grounds

Occupy Chicago's Wishing Tree at Trinity Episcopal Church

Members of Occupy Chicago’s Arts and Recreation Committee and Occupy Chicago Rebel Arts Collective installed their interactive public sculpture, Wishing Tree, Monday night at Trinity Episcopal Church, 125 East 26th St., blocks away from McCormick Place,  the site of NATO summit that begins this weekend.


It's the fourth location for the tree, which took more than 200 hours to create.

Kickstarter funded the public art project, and the goal is for people to write their wishes for the future on paper leaves and attach them to the tree's branches.


The Wishing Tree has been collecting wishes ever since its debut at Occupy Chicago's kick-off for the Chicago Spring, April 7th, and will be up until the summit begins May 20.


See more photos by Brent Lewis.

Trinity: Hosting NATO Protesters "No Brainer"


For NATO protesters, a welcome mat

As officials batten down hatches for marches that could draw thousands of out-of-towners, some Chicagoans show hospitality.


From NPR/WBEZ: Read More


Trinity Church to NATO protesters: Camp on our lawn


Forum on Cuba & Venezuela:


Their Domestic and International Humanitarian Achievements


Free healthcare for all - Free education for all - Vital aid to Haiti
Lower unemployment than in the U.S. - 100% literacy
Medical and heating programs for people in need in U.S.


Lillian Holloway, graduate of Cuba’s International School of Medicine
Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza, Consul General of Venezuela in Chicago
Stan Smith, Chicago Committee to Free to the Cuban Five
Joline Lozano, incoming student of Cuba’s International School of Medicine



Wednesday, August 15th at 7:00pm
Trinity Episcopal Church
125 E. 26th Street, Chicago, IL 60616




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